Mother Who Could Not Produce Eggs adopts 1st “Snowflake” Baby

A few weeks back, we got an email from the mother of the first “snowflake baby”. Then, I had a good talk with this mom on the phone over the weekend. She & her daughter have an AMAZING story and they support Personhood. The congressional testimony linked below is their story. This “Snowflake Baby” is now a thirteen year old girl. For those who oppose Personhood because of IVF whether it would be better to have children conceived by IVF placed in homes/ families like this one or sold for medical research, cosmetics, or worse?
Personhood does not/ would not prevent IVF — it ensures protection for the children produced through IVF:

“I am Marlene Strege, a resident of Falbrook, California and registered occupational therapist, holding a B.S. Magna Cum Laude from the University of Southern California. I am accompanied today by my husband, John, who is behind me holding my daughter, Hannah Strege, the first adopted former frozen embryo. Thank you for this opportunity to testify.
“Our story begins in 1996, when John and I realized we had a fertility problem. We tried infertility treatment for nearly a year. It was expensive, costing as much as $2,000 per cycle. For us the treatment was also ineffective. We were devastated when we finally came to terms with this. I suffered all of the standard side effects associated with infertility, including severe depression and grief. I cannot adequately express how debilitating infertility proved to us.” . . .

read the rest here


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