Dolly the sheep brought the realities of cloning into the mainstream society. Today the effects of cloning on a society are at the center of many ethical debates. Yet what is cloning? Cloning is the process known as somatic cell nuclear transfer. It is the procedure in which the nucleus which contains the DNA is removed from a human egg and replace with the nucleus (DNA) from the donor’s somatic (body) cell. An electric charge stimulates the new human embryo, and the cloning process is complete. Thus, it creates an exact duplicate copy of the donor.

With this in mind, two terms have been given to human cloning even though there is really only one type.The term reproductive cloning has been used to describe when a human clone is implanted and delivered as a full term pregnancy. This type of cloning was used to create Dolly the sheep. Research, experimental or therapeutic cloning have been the terms used for the other “type”. In this, the procedure is identical to the above except that this new cloned human is experimented upon in his or her first few weeks of life and then killed. Essentially, the clone is created to destroy the embryo and harvest its stem cells for research.
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One response to “Cloning

  1. While this question has been asked and somewhat addressed already I think that the presence of this article contradicts the statements made in regard to a personhood amendment on IVF. I say this because the position it seems like you are taking in your responses to the two email questions addressed preciously is one of support for IVF, assuming it is done in a way in which both mother and embryo are treated as equal patients; this is incompatible with the position taken by Rev. Dr. Tadeusz Pacholczyk. I assume that the article’s presence here on the blog means that you agree with it, and yet this quote seems pretty anti-IVF,
    “Human procreation should not take place in the laboratory because it is inherently dehumanizing to bring a new human being into the world through means which replace the marital act. Each of us has a right to be brought into the world as the fruit and expression of marital love, rather than as the product of technical domination and manufacturing protocols. Procreation is not meant to be replaced by production. There is a dignity both to the process of procreation as established by God through sexual self-giving, and the dignity of the life itself which is engendered by that process.” – Rev. Dr. Tadeusz Pacholczyk from above article. I assume a response to this will be to say that Rev. Dr. Pacholczyk was talking about cloning, and while it is true that this quote comes from an article where he is addressing cloning; however everything in the excerpt quoted above seems to be applicable to IVF. The other important issue that I could not find a satisfactory reply to is the nature of the affect the proposed amendment would have had on various types of birth control/contraception. I realize that the specific issue of Amendment 26 to the Mississippi Constitution is a moot point, but these issues will need to be addressed if you intend to continue to pursue anything similar. I look forward to discussing these important issues with you.

    Ben M.

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