Personhood: The Pro-Life/ Pro-Human Policy

Every human embryologist worldwide states that the life of the new individual human being begins at fertilization. No human embryologist has ever described human life as “potential” human life. Thus, killing the embryo — by harvesting embryonic stem cells, by using abortifacient contraceptives, by committing so-called therapeutic cloning, or by flushing spare in-vitro fertilization embryos down the sink — takes that human life.“–Fritz Baumgartner, MD (a surgeon and UCLA medical professor)

Amendment 26 was written initially to help stop abortion in Mississippi and challenge Roe v Wade. However, while most Mississippians are pro-life many have questions about things like:
“why is the word ‘cloning’ in the amendment?”
“what does ‘the functional equivalent thereof’ mean?”
“will this amendment affect birth control and contraception?”
“what about invitro fertilization, stem cell research, or other bioethics issues?”

This page will be updated frequently and will eventually be a clearinghouse of information on bioethics issues and how Personhood affects them.

In a nutshell, we believe, like our friends at Georgia Right to Life/ that “Personhood is THE pro-life & pro-human policy for the 21st Century”
Check back often, but in the meantime, we would recommend that you visit to get preliminary answers to these questions or feel free to email or call us at 662-760-8695 (more contact info on our web site)


21 responses to “Personhood: The Pro-Life/ Pro-Human Policy

  1. What does this mean for birth control pills?

    • This Amendment only impacts those forms of birth control that take human life. If it doesn’t kill or injure a human being, it doesn’t have any impact on it

  2. It means that about 80% of birth control that is used in America would be illegal in Mississippi. Most pills, IUD’s, and pretty much any form that uses hormones to prevent pregnancy.

  3. What about IUD’s? I’m concerned about what is meant by “Kill or Injure”. In the off event I were to get pregnant while my IUD is in place, there is a very high chance that the embryo would never make it to fetus stage because of the placement and hormone release of the IUD.

  4. Rileydad- that description was very vague. Could you provide more detail?

  5. Could you please give a more in-depth article on how birth control will be affected? I am reading articles outside this website that this will ultimately dispose of all birth controls, and I am just looking for answers. I think it will help your stance in this election to make it very clear, as many friends of mine are really concerned about that.

  6. So basically, the pill, IUD, patch, and Depo Provera shots would be outlawed?

  7. Momma2threeAngels

    If this law passes will it make the usage of IUDs and the birth control pill illegal??

  8. Momma2threeAngels

    Birth controls work in 3 ways, one of which is that they thin the lining of the uterus making it much more difficult for break through fertilized eggs to attach, thus “killing” the person(fertilized egg).. so if this law passes wont birth controls come under fire next..

  9. So does that mean that this amendment will not get ride of birth control pills? What about plan b?

  10. I’m confused. So birth control pills wont be outlawed? What type of birth control does kill or injure the embryo?

  11. Birth control that doesn’t take human life? What kind of birth control is that?

  12. The one thing I find highly offensive about Amendment 26 is how it takes the choice of the matter away from the individual and places it in the hands of the state. The state has NO right to tell me how I should live my life, and if I ever find myself in a position where an abortion comes up, then, well, it should be a personal private choice of mine. If I find myself pregnant and unable to care for the child (whatever reasons) then are you, who are promoting this … will you pay for school, medical bills and all the other needs that come with children? And as for your “most important” reason for saying yes God? America is supposed to be a secular state, meaning a SEPARATION of church and state. If I don’t follow your religion then why should I need to follow it’s (your interpretation) of its laws? I’m pro-choice, because everything comes with complicated contextual issues which this amendment and your close minded ideals ignore. I hope it gets voted out, although, really, considering how fundamentalist the sate is I don’t think it will. Shame really.

  13. After reading about amendment 26 I will have to say I vote NO. I am against abortion but that doesn’t mean I have the right to push my beliefs on another human being. I do believe we as americans should have the right to choose. There are times that abortion is medical needed. That woman should have that right to make that decision. I believe if this bill is passed you will find women of all ages and race crossing state lines where abortion is legal and resorting to dangerous methods to rid a unwanted pregnancy. I was one that was treated for infertility for 8 years before I was blessed to have a child. Had it not been for modern medical technology i would have never conceived. Every woman should have that right to make that choice. Birth controll should never be banned. When you speak of birth control that takes human life what do you reference that to. All forms of medication can injury a human being. Asprine can. If this bill is passed it will set the clock back in time. We need to move forward not backwards. The government should not have the right to say what we can and cannot do with our own bodies.
    We need to educate our children. Talk about sex,safe sex and what choices they can make to say no to sex. We need to educate women about other alternatives that can be taken to avoid abortion. Many married couples who cannot conceive would cherish the thought of adoption. Lets make adoption afordable and available for these couples. When all is said and done it is about educating our citizens to make good choices. But let’s let the choice be theirs .

  14. That doesn’t make it any less stupid. This bill, if passed, will negatively impact thousands of lives. Both the lives of an unborn child and the mothers. A law will never be able to force women to give birth to an unwanted child, only force them into dangerous situations where they will either receive black market abortions or perform self abortions. Either way, the blood of both mother and child will be on the hands of the people who wrote and support this bill.

  15. Birth control pills prevent implantation of the fertilized egg.
    Answer the question.

  16. I assume my question from long ago. I posted it on Sept. 24th, but it reads above it “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

  17. It reads “Could you please give a more in-depth article on how birth control will be affected? I am reading articles outside this website that this will ultimately dispose of all birth controls, and I am just looking for answers. I think it will help your stance in this election to make it very clear, as many friends of mine are really concerned about that.” But the election is over now. I personally found my answers elsewhere and voted Yes.

    • I’m sorry that you did not get your answer from us and much sooner. Please accept my appology.
      When the Yes on 26 campaign coalition was formed, we sort of let this site and these blogs flounder. Now, I feel compelled to restart/ continue the dialogue about Life issues and bioethics that the Personhood campaign began.

  18. But not before March? That’s a pretty gentle compulsion.

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